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Medical Technology

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German Market

Over 99% of Germany’s population are covered by health insurance. In 2014, the annual health expenses amounted to EUR 328bn – 4.2% more than in the previous year – accounting for 11.2% of Germany’s GDP. More than 2,000 hospitals and 348,000 active medical doctors are responsible for the health of more than 80m Germans.

The German medical technology industry is shaped by almost 1,200 manufacturing companies with around 125,000 employees and more than 11,000 small or trading companies employing 70,000 people. The sector is mainly based on medium sized companies. 95% of all medical technology companies employ less than 250 employees.

In 2014, the German MedTech industry generated revenues of around EUR 25.4bn, 3.3% more than in the previous year, which makes Germany Europe’s biggest producer and market for medical technology. Nevertheless, the German MedTech market is under pressure as the increasing pricing pressure causes declining company profits.

The industry has a strong focus on export markets, which generates approximately two thirds of its revenues. The USA are by far the most important individual destination country for medical technology from Germany, but most German MedTech products are exported within countries of the EU (38%), 18% into North America, and 18% to Asia. The export turnover in 2014 was more than EUR 17bn, increasing by 17%.

Moreover, the industry is driven by constant innovations and product developments. Sales of products which are less than three years old contribute one third to the total turnover. MedTech companies invest approximately 9% of their turnovers in Research and Development, which contributes to the high level of innovations and short product cycles (MTANZ).

Current trends and developments in the German medical technology industry are interventional medicine technologies, neuro-engineering, cell- and tissue engineering, imaging processes, e-health, IT information and communication, and modelling and simulations for diagnostics and treatment planning.

New Zealand Market

Thanks to the high per capita income and very good medical care, New Zealand is an interesting market for pharmaceutical and medical device products. Due to the size of the market it is also suitable as a test market for foreign suppliers.

The country’s medical sector is a 1.4 billion NZD industry and expected to double its export revenue in the next five years. With a high research and development expenditure, this sector is perfectly suited for innovative businesses. In October 2015, additionally the MedTech Centre of Research Excellence, based at the University of Auckland, has been opened, offering talented academics to contribute in the MedTech sector of New Zealand.

"By bringing together and developing a pool of talented academics and graduate scientists, the MedTech CoRE will help New Zealand's MedTech sector continue to grow and contribute to the New Zealand economy," says Mr Joyce, Minister of Tertiary Education Skills and Employment. "In New Zealand and globally, we need affordable technologies with tested and measured health outcomes. The work done at MedTech CoRE will help make this happen more quickly."

Medical technology is an ever-growing sector and is traditionally dominated by imports due to the lack of high-quality domestic industry products. This provides excellent opportunities for foreign companies. Nevertheless, the locally available expertise in the sector should not be underestimated. New Zealand medical technology manufacturers are supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI) and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) under the "Health Strategic Initiative".

The New Zealand MedTech industry will get together for the 6th New Zealand Healthcare Congress under the theme of “Technology Enabled Healthcare” in June 2016.

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