Market Entry


We help you find suitable business partners or end-customers in Germany or New Zealand. Our market entry services can be booked separately or they can be used to build upon each other. Elements include compiling lists of relevant German and/or New Zealand companies and their contact details, contacting potential business partners on your behalf and organising your business trip and meetings.

Our services cover the following steps:

  • Identifying your target group (sales partner, customers, service partner etc.)
  • Research of potential German/New Zealand business partners using internal and external databases
  • Creating your business letter and/or company profile in German/English
  • Introducing your company via mail or email to German/New Zealand companies
  • Telephone follow-ups
  • Set-up and facilitation of email contact or phone conferences
  • Organisation of a business trip to Germany/New Zealand to meet with the selected companies
  • Final report with detailed profiles of interested companies, address list and information about relevant trade fairs, associations, trade magazines/journals as well as general business information obtained through the search.

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