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Career in Australia

Job Portal

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Welcome to our job portal, which is packed with information about the job market/situation here in New Zealand. Job and internship seekers, as well as NZGBA members offering vacant positions, can publish their request on the job portal.

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Information for Applicants

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I am a professional interested in working in New Zealand. Click here for general information and for current listings click here.

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I am looking for an internship in New Zealand. For general information click here and for current listings click here.

Creating a New Zealand Style CV

You may already have a German style CV (short form for “curriculum vitae” or “life story” in Latin). However, its style and content is most likely quite different from a typical CV submitted in New Zealand. Below are some tips and tricks which will help you firstly, to understand the differences between a German and a Kiwi CV, and secondly, to help you write a CV New Zealand companies prefer.

Click here to access our tips and tricks for creating a New Zealand style CV.

Candidate Application Instructions for Job Portal

  1. When uploading your CV you will be asked to fill in fields related to your work experience, qualifications as well as your date of availability.
  2. Please note there is no option to upload a cover letter so we suggest you include a short paragraph at the top of your CV, stating your intentions. Further to that, we suggest adding your intentions in the personal statement field as well.
  3. Your CV can be uploaded in pdf format only, with a recommended maximum file size of no greater than 2MB.
  4. Once you have submitted your entry our office will automatically receive notification that a new CV has been uploaded. Once this has been checked the entry will be made live for NZGBA members to view.
  5. Please note that we cannot guarantee you will get a job or internship offer.
  6. Entries will be deleted after 3 months.

Click here to load you CV.

Upload CV

If you are interested in working in New Zealand you are welcome to upload your CV here.

Information for NZGBA Members

List a Position/Internship

I am a NZGBA member and would like to list a position. Please click here.

Instructions for Using the Job Portal

  1. If you cannot remember your password or are not a member of the NZGBA, please contact us.
  2. Once logged in you will see a summary of all CV's that we currently have loaded for applicants.
  3. You can download CV’s of those relevant to your requirements.
  4. If you have found an applicant of interest use "Click for CV" to see the applicant's full CV.
  5. Contact the applicant directly to discuss possible opportunities.
  6. In the event of a successful match, please E-Mail us, so we can remove this listing.

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I am a NZGBA member and would like to see the listing of current job/intern applicants. Please log in to access the listings.

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