PICs – Off-Grid (decentralized) renewable energy project

PICs – Off-Grid (decentralized) renewable energy project

Information webinar for the German industry on the 10th of October 2024


With backing from the German Fed. Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action via the Energy Export Initiative, the Off-Grid Renewable Energy project is designed to facilitate the entrance of German companies into foreign markets, here focused on Pacific Island countries (PICs).

Through comprehensive market analysis and informational events, the project aims to empower German businesses to actively contribute to the energy transition in the PICs. This project will also be relevant for New Zealand-based German subsidiaries as well as NZ-based distributors of German products.

Project Opportunity

The PICs, driven by ambitious emission reduction goals and a strong commitment to sustainable development, face challenges such as reliance on diesel generators, vulnerability to climate change-induced disasters, and high costs of imported fossil fuels. Our project addresses these issues by exploring the potential for sustainable, decentralized, and off-grid power networks, particularly in the tourism sector. Leveraging the abundant renewable resources of sunlight, wind, and geothermal energy in the Pacific Islands, the project seeks to establish scalable and replicable off-grid renewable energy solutions.

The ultimate goal of the Off-Grid Energy Project is to foster collaboration between German SMEs and the PICs, facilitating a transition to a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply.