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Construction Forum
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26/06/2024 · 13:30
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26/06/2024 · 15:00

live at BuildNZ

As a chamber, our job is to provide platforms for members - collaboration makes us all stronger.

The Construction Forum is a platform for members of the GNZCC in the building and construction industries in New Zealand, to work in collaboration to share (as appropriate) expertise, experience, networks, and resources.  

This forum is held bi-monthly in a combination of hybrid and digital formats, and is chaired by Jon Davies from pro clima Australia and NZ, and assisted by Erin Daly, Manager Business Development Australasia/Trade Fair Manager of the GNZCC.

We welcome your thoughts and insights on what you want to get out of the construction forum. Please contact Erin Daly

Potential topics we look at including:

Labour shortages, Lack of skilled workers, Automation in construction, Building codes, Project pipelines, Passive House projects, Construction R&D, Student internships and more

Upcoming events

Wednesday, 26th of June 2024  | 1.30 PM - 3.00 PM | Live at BuildNZ



Erin Daly

Erin Daly

Manager Business Development Australasia/Trade Fair Manager
(Members based in NZ & AUS)

Our Host