German Culture Workshop

Welcome to Germany!

GNZCC Cultural Diversity Workshop – How Germans tick! Consider this a team building whilst learning exercise for your team!

Although Germans and New Zealanders share a lot of common values, there are so many notable differences as well. Through our GNZCC Cultural Diversity Immersion Workshop, we would like to give you the opportunity to gain knowledge about cultural differences between Germany and New Zealand which will benefit your teams business relationship with German distributors and companies.

Whether you would like to host a 2-hour team building exercise or have an intensive one-day training for your team to cover all important topics, we are pleased to adapt the workshop to your needs.

Depending on timing of the workshop a meal together could be a great inclusion to start the workshop with. For example, we could arrange a typical German breakfast or get the team to bring a German dish for a proper German warm lunch. After the workshop, a panel discussion with different speakers could follow. We are happy to organise a team building exercise that suits your needs best!

The workshop could include the following topics:

 > Short briefing on the New Zealand-German Trade relationship
 > Cultural differences
           > How does language differ?
           > How does upbringing/schooling/training look like in Germany?
           > What is important to your German business partner vs what is important to you and your business?
           > How does the Business environment in Germany look like including co structures?
  > Business Etiquette
           > The greeting
           > Business dress
           > How do you get the most out of email communications and meetings?
           > What makes German people different in how they work and do business?
           > What is important to understand to get the most out of the relationship?

This workshop is perfect for New Zealand businesses or exporters, who work with German companies or would like to expand into the German speaking market. If you employ German expats who would like to understand how they are perceived in New Zealand, this workshop suits you as well.

For more information on your team building options, please contact the GNZCC.