Civil Security Technology for New Zealand & Australia

For German manufacturers and solution providers, there are multifaceted market opportunities, especially for technologies in the areas of surveillance and border protection; protection of government buildings, companies, infrastructure and important airports and seaports; cyber-surveillance technologies; fire and disaster protection; combating health crises; protection against viral infections and pandemics. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated need for civil security and hygiene technologies are not the only factors at play. Demand for civil security technologies exists among organisations, government agencies, large companies and banks, in building security and in traffic control. Of increasing importance in this regard are also opportunities in the area of supplying infrastructure construction measures and securing airports and ports.

Business initiation within the framework of the market development program for small to medium-sized German companies

5. to 9. December 2022

Target Group: small & medium-sized businesses, self-employed, specialist freelancers

Industry: products and services related to civil security technologies, e.g.

  • alarm systems
  • fire protection 
  • protection of infrastructure operators and connected production facilities
  • securing of data centers and networks
  • smart home security solutions 
  • critical infrastructure protection
  • protection against crime and terrorism
  • disaster-resilient societies
  • cyber security 
  • border management 
  • access control

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