Pilot project in New Zealand: Green hydrogen technologies for heavy-duty transport and infrastructure solutions

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Project focus

The project aims to improve the efficiency and expansion of the hydrogen network in New Zealand through innovative energy efficient transportation and infrastructure solutions. In particular, hydrogen refueling station solutions, the use of renewable energy such as wind & solar for power generation to produce hydrogen, and off-grid solutions will be deployed to support hard to electrify areas. The consortium, together with partner Hiringa Energy, aims to make the hydrogen refueling network in New Zealand more efficient and to support the development of hard to electrify areas with off-grid solutions through products and innovations. SME's can benefit from this collaboration by gaining access to a broader network and innovative products to expand their business in New Zealand.

Project opportunity

Project framework, content and opportunities:The transport sector is responsible for 47% of New Zealand's domestic emissions. Therefore, decarbonization of transport plays a critical role in achieving the country's ambitious emissions reduction targets. The New Zealand government's Emissions Reduction Plan sets out policies and measures to achieve the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Part of the planis to increase the proportion of zero/low emission trucks. To achieve this, a high-performance charging and refueling network for EVs and FCEVs is needed not only in urban centers, but also in rural and remote areas of New Zealand. Therefore, efficient solutions are needed to enable the establishment and expansion of such a network. With Hiringa, a group of energy professionals involved in the entire value chain, production of green hydrogen and its derivatives, creation of an infrastructure up to the construction and operation of hydrogen refueling stations, the consortium to be formed has a strong multiplier and partner who wants to create a standard for energy efficient hydrogen charging stations in New Zealand.