The GNZCC publishes three targeted e-newsletters to inform, interest, and connect our diverse membership. Use this platform to reach the German-New Zealand Business community.

GNZCC Newsletter

Keep up to date on the latest business news in Germany and New Zealand and make the most of your membership with our newsletters. We reach over 1000 subscribers every month, with a unique reach to export-orientated business people in Germany and New Zealand.

  • GNZCC Snapshot
  • GNZCC Member & Chamber
  • GNZCC Kia Ora Deutschland

GNZCC Kia Ora Deutschland

Aimed at our German readership, “Kia Ora” informs readers about the New-Zealand business landscape and potential trade opportunities four times per year.

You can find our latest issue here:

GNZCC Member & Chamber

Our member-exclusive newsletter is published every month — it connects our members by sharing GNZCC member news and upcoming events of interest.

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GNZCC Snapshot

Our Snapshot newsletter runs three times per year. For each issue, we focus on a key industry and examine the current trade opportunities in the sector. Readership comprises of our members as well as targeted industry professionals.  

You can find our latest issue here:

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