German business CHG MERIDIAN growing in Aotearoa New Zealand

CHG-MERIDIAN New Zealand Limited is an international independent asset finance organisation that helps customers finance and manage cutting edge business technology. With global headquarters in Germany the company has been at the leading edge of implementing and financing customised technology infrastructures since 1979.

They recently entered the New Zealand market through the acquisition of Equigroup, which had operated in New Zealand for more than 15 years. Today CHG MERIDIAN has over 12,000 customers  internationally, across all sectors, including large corporations, SMEs and the public sector. 

Specialising in IT, Healthcare, and Industrial technology asset finance solutions, CHG MERIDIAN helps businesses to keep up-to-date with the latest technology, reduce their costs, minimise workload and above all, maintain full transparency.

At the heart of CHG-MERIDIAN business relations is a desire for to learn about their customer’s aspirations and challenges when it comes to acquiring and managing their technology and making them a reality through innovative finance structures. Since operating in New Zealand, they’ve been building strong relationships with Kiwis, and their businesses, and have found them to be great to work with.

When it comes to showing the value of their business in New Zealand CHG-MERIDIAN’s credits their recent work with the hospital sector. They’ve been helping hospitals through supply chain issues with some of the medical equipment that they’ve leased to them. By giving them greater flexibility at the end of the lease period, CHG-MERIDIAN have been able to improve patient outcomes and make sure that essential medical equipment is available to be used right up until the appropriate replacement time. It helps that they have a team in New Zealand that can work directly with clients. In this case minimising the downtime for hospitals which is critical to keeping them as efficient as possible with minimal disruption to patient services.

As of 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN's operations are carbon-neutral globally. This is a massive achievement, and great for Kiwi businesses it partners with. They’ve achieved this by avoiding, reducing, or offsetting all CO₂ emissions generated by their business activities and have also developed solutions to help customers offset their technology emissions through their program carbonZER0.

The company is excited about the new Free Trade Agrement with the EU and New Zealand and looks forward to seeing more technology, capital equipment and products being available in the local market, so that the company can help customers be better at managing technology in an efficient, productive and (of course) sustainable way!