May 21

Commercial Skills Development Workshop

This course is designed to help win, satisfy and retain clients and increase rates of proposal acceptance. It is targeted at developing relationship building skills and understanding how to create value for clients.

The programme runs in two one day blocks:

Day 1 workshop covers the core content of the course and establish peer development partnerships with other participants.

Day 2 workshop is to review actions and learning, the implementation of action plans and the presentation of plans and proposals. In the period between workshops, participants will work within their peer groups to develop skills and action plans.

Who is the course for?
The course is an essential addition to the skill sets of members with relationship, account management or sales responsibilities or, indeed, anyone who needs to present plans and recommendations to clients or senior executive teams. The course caters to different learning styles and is an excellent personal development opportunity for experienced energy or sustainability consultants and managers.

Course Content
The content of the course includes coverage of:

- Creating Client Value
- Communication Skills
- Agility and Adaptability
- Building the Proposal
- Action Planning

The programme is conducted in a peer learning group environment and will develop participants’ essential softer skills in relationship management.

Please follow the website for further information or download the Event Flyer.

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